Transitioning from the Services?

Too much work not enough life?

Too many business challenges not enough answers?

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Too much work. Not enough life?

Finding it difficult to balance the demands of your personal life against those of your work?  It is all too easy to let work take up all your time. There are always deadlines to meet, office times to keep and bosses demanding more.  Work, families and leisure are all equally important elements of your life.  If one is dominant the others suffer.

Now is the best time to address this challenge.  Explore how you can get the best from your life and work.  As the Land Rover slogan goes: One life. Live it.

We will help you work out how you can achieve your idea work/life balance.


Making the most of your life out of the Services

Transitioning from the services is not easy especially if you are being discharged earlier than expected.  There are critical decisions to make as well as finding a new job.

What can you do if the one you do find does not give you the satisfaction you hoped for after leaving the Services?

Find out how we can help you use your skills and knowledge to do what you want to do, how you can realise your dreams and plan how you move ahead.

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Too many business challenge,s not enough answers?

Breaking the log jam.

The well known military saying 'No plan survives contact with the enemy' applies to civilian life as well.  Even under the best laid plans 'something else happens'.  Fresh business challenges arise all the time.

Talking through the opportunities and constraints you face with a third party helps you to think through the issues then provide your own answers to create your own solutions

Call us for help in mapping your way through these challenges.

The sooner you take action, the better

We can all procrastinate - now is not the right time, I am too busy to do it now or I will get to that next week.  If you are up against a deadline action sooner rather than later is the best way to go forward.  How can you make progress?  Talk to Giles and he will work with you to successfully navigate lifes challenges.

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