Transition: Get Ahead

When you Transition from the Armed Forces your life is going to change.  This will be the first time since signing on that you will be free to choose what you want to do next.  There is no Promotion Board or career progression to consider.  This is what you want to do for the next ten to fifteen years and is much more complicated than just getting your next job.  So make the most of the opportunity.

It can seem that civilian life is so different it is difficult to know what you can fit your skills into what is on offer

Here is a simple step to help you get ahead!  Take a personal Snapshot as of your release date!

Using a sheet of paper or create a spreadsheet divide it vertically into two columns.

On the Left write down everything positive about you and your circumstances whilst on the right everything negative.  Consider the whole range, family, children, pension, health, house, assets, savings, qualifications, experience, preparation, contacts etc.  Remember to include what is important to you, any hopes, aspirations and goals you may have as well as any restrictions.

Then leave it overnight and come back to add all the other bits you left out the first time.  Be honest as only you and maybe your loved ones are going to read it.

This forms the basis of everything you do next.  It tells you what you have now, what you ideally want to do, where you want to do it and any gaps to fill to get there.

Having a Snapshot is not going to make everything come out just right however it is more likely that you will concentrate your efforts on what you want to do rather than drift towards your release date.


Giles Radford is a Career Transition Coach who specialises in helping leavers from the Armed Forces decide what they want to do next.  To set up a Free taster session email